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Xtracycle FlightDeck 2.0

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£74.99 incl tax

This deck requires a set of SuperHooks (sold seperately) to attach the FlightDeck to your V-racks, ensuring a secure connection. If you'll be installing a Yepp Maxi seat on the deck, use two sets of SuperHooks for a total of 8 hooks. Do not use SnapHooks with this deck!

The FlightDeck is made out of 100% post-consumer high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a fancy way of saying it's recycled heavy duty plastic. HPDE is what your plastic cutting board is likely made of, and it makes a great deck for the same reasons: it is waterproof, UV proof, resists scratches and dings, and is very strong.

Using recycled plastic reduces our ecological impact and keeps perfectly good plastic out of the waste stream. These decks are made outside of Minneapolis, MN by RPI.

The accessory holes are used to mount some of our favorite passenger accessories such as the Hooptie, and has built-in ports for the Yepp Maxi. The FlightDeck is compatible with the MagicCarpet, and the Hooptie Retrofit Kit.


Materials: 100% post-consumer HDPE, aluminum hooks and stainless steel hardware.
Weight: 3.5 lbs


Works with all LT compatible bikes using V-racks, P-racks or other LT compatible racks.
Not compatible with SnapDeck!

Superhooks and Racklocks available to buy separately.

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