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Busch & Muller Luxos U Lumotec IQ2 Dynamo Light

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Busch & Muller strike again with the new LUXOS front light which is the first Lumotec with the new ground breaking IQ2 technology. Busch & Muller have designed a new combined light and reflector which has a light field twice as wide as previous LED head lights. The LUXOS illuminates an area that is several times larger with maximal homegenous output. In Busch and Mullers own words: 'So wide, so far, so pristinely bright'.

The new light provides a very wide range of light, both in front of the bicycle and to the sides extending beyond the edges of the road and over 30 meters in front of the bicycle thanks to the additional LEDs which are managed electronically.

The flood light option can be used in pitch darkness when negotiating tricky road sections etc. It is activated by using the push button on the handlebar. The push button allows you to control your light directly and easily; including on/off, flood light, flashing full or standard output.

It's possible to charge USB devices via the USB socket which is integrated into the handlebar push button including mobile phones, GPS and MP3 players etc. This is done by utilising the integrated lithium cache battery which supplies constant voltage. 

The integrated lithium cache battery is used for peaks of demand as well as charging and acts as an additional energy storage unit. It recharges continually when cycling. The charging status is indicated by an LED inside the handlebar push button. 

The Licht24 daytime running light has signalling LEDs shining brightly forwards. A sensor automatically switches between day and night mode. If you look closely at the front of the light at the top you will see the additional LEDs with their own reflectors which provide the panorama light at close range and Licht24 light.

A control LED is situated inside the head light which continually shows whether or not a connected rear light is functioning correctly.
In summary:
  • - 70 or 90 Lux output
  • - 90 Lux flood light
  • - Licht24 Daytime running light
  • - USB devise charging option
  • - Panorma light at close range
  • - Handlebar control push button
  • - Integral Cache battery
  • - Automatic sensor
  • - Rear light monitoring
  • - Standlight
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