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Gilles Berthoud Stainless Steel Mudguard Set - 700c/26"/650b

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£43.99 incl tax

  • - The finishing touch to any bike rain or shine!
  • - Beautiful AND hard-wearing
  • - The stays are aluminium which keeps weight low. 
  • - Only the parts pictured are supplied, nothing else.
  • - Note - you will need to drill one hole to fix the rear brake bridge mount - the rear guard does not fit using a separate 'bridge' like some 'guards do. 
  • - We guarantee you'll find yourself standing back and admiring these babies for a long time to come!


Available in various widths for 26", 700c and 650b wheels, with a long or short front mudguard and in 40, 50 and 60mm widths - choose from menu.

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