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Steco Pakaf Mee Pannier Rack Extension

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£24.98 incl tax

A simple, good value invention that's in use all over Holland and the rest of mainland Europe. The problem this adaptor solves so well is for those who are using a rack mounted rear child seat (eg GMG/Yepp). The chld seat effectively takes up the space where you would normaly fit a pannier bag - so there is nowhere on the rails to hook a bag or pannier to! The Pakaf Mee by Steco extends the rack on one side and thus permits the fitting of a bag on that side! If you want to fit a bag on both sides, buy two!

It's an easy to fit bracket which will mean you can do more than just the school run with your bike - you can also do the shopping and/or go to work too! Who needs a car?!


  • - Weight - approx 1kg
  • - Colour - black
  • - Works on most pannier racks
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