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Humpert AHS Premium Comfort Folding Butterfly Trekking Handlebars

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£99.98 incl tax

These bars fold and they also have independently movable bar ends giving you many ways of setting up the ideal position on your bike.

  • - Ideal for folding bikes and those with limited storage space
  • - Ideal for train and plane travel
  • - Made from AL6061-T6 alloy (aircraft grade)
  • - 600mm wide
  • - 25.4mm OR 31.8m clamp area - choose from menu
  • - 22.2mm ends
  • - Grip area 180mm
  • - Foam grips included (fitted)
  • - Rise - zero (although don't forget you can move the bar ends up and down to create rise if you wish!)
  • - Weight 630 grammes

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