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Humpert AHS Superlight Folding Handlebar

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Brilliant, surprisingly lightweight folding handlebars from the German steering experts Humpert!

The fold makes temporary or long-term storage easier. For the touring cyclist this is very Practical - think of those times you have been on the train with your bike and bags and coats get hooked on the bars and pull the bike over - not with these babies fitted - simply fold them in and avoid getting snagged on the bars andsave space for other bikes too. This is especially useful for people who live in apartments with limited space or even those who have folding bikes they want to keep in their pocket (wink!). The fold is achieved by slightly loosening the 4mm hex bolts on each side of the bars - when folded they can be locked in place by 'nippping up' the hex bolts again. As long as you have a 4mm hex wrench with you you can quickly and easily fold these bars.

We think these bars are relevant for a wide range of bikes - such as - Touring, Trekking, Mountain Bike, Folding Bike, Town Bike, Tandem, Commuting Bike, Cargo Bike and hey, why not even a fixie or singlespeed?!

- Made from AL6061-T6 alloy (aircraft grade)
-22.2mm outer diameter ends
- Rise - zero (although don't forget the bars can be folded and fixed in an upwards position if desired)
- Backsweep - 0 to 90 degrees
- Weight 450 gramms

2 variations available:

- BLACK 25.4mm clamp area - 600mm wide, 215mm grip length
- BLACK 31.8mm clamp area - 600mm wide, 205mm grip length

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