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Pletscher Twin Leg Folding Kickstand

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£30.98 incl tax

  • - Dual leg kickstand that folds away into the space of a single leg kickstand
  • - When folded the two legs close together in a scissor action which means this stand is unobtrusive.
  • - Good for cargo bikes and hybrids, town bikes and tourers etc.
  • - It's Swiss so has great build quality and reliability.
  • - Available in black and silver (choose from menu)
  • - 2 sizes available (choose from menu)
  • - Standard - max bottom bracket height 290mm (ideal for 26" wheels)
  • - Long - max bottom bracket height 320mm (ideal for 700c wheels) 
  • - The legs can be cut down to your desired size using the linear scale on each leg end.
  • - Add rubber feet for just £1.99!

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