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Bike Eye Rear View Bicycle Mirror

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£15.98 incl tax

  • - This is a very discreet way to use a mirror on  your bike and stay safe.
  • - Simply mounts on the downtube of your bike and allows you to look down whilst riding to view what is behind you.
  • - Useful as a check before making a manoeuvre
  • - Also handy to see generally what is going on behind you - such as on the club run, in town or to see just how close white van man is riding to your mudguard flap!
  • - No need to alter your stance or head to see what is behind you - this is due to the clever way it is angled on the bike.
  • - The Bike Eye comes in two versions narrow and wide.
  • - It is suitable for road, touring, hybrid and mountain bikes.
  • - Note - if you use a pannier or panniers they can sometimes limit the field of view of the mirror. If you use just one pannier then move that to the left side of the bike for clutter free Bike Eye viewing.

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