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Busch & Muller Cyclestar Rear View Cycle Mirror

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The next best thing to having eyes in the back of your head is a rear view mirror!

The mirror and stem have two 'ball socket' joints which allow you to position the mirror at virtually any angle - this is also easy to do whilst on the move.

The mirror measures 55mm in diameter but has a wide field of vision.

Stem etc made from aluminium and plastic


Available in 4 types:

  • - Short straight stem (approx 8 cm long)
  • - Short curved stem (approx 8 cm long)
  • - Long curved stem (approx 20cm long)
  • - Bar end fit

All the 'stem' mirrors can be fitted either to the handlebar end or to the handlebar itself.  The bar end version fits to bar ends only. Each mirror comes with a fitting kit for both types of fitting (except the bar end mirror).

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