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Velo Orange Tall Stack 1 1/8 inch Ahead Stem 31.8mm Oversize

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£35.98 incl tax

  • - Offers a really clean look on a modern bike
  • - Angle is 17-degrees so stem is level on most frames
  • - Cold forged alloy construction with a polished finish.
  • - 75mm stack height
  • - 31.8mm clamp size
  • - Available in 80mm, 90mm, 100mm and 110mm lengths.
  • Two colours - polished silver or anodised black

Note - minimum-insertion line marked inside the stem. It's about 15mm below the top - so you need approx 60mm of steerer tube available on your forks. The tallness of this stem is designed to take the place of unsightly and fiddly spacers!

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