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Humpert Ahead Stem Raiser Extension

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There are so many good reasons for needing this handy adaptor for 1 1/8 inch ahead stems. Here's three we regularly hear at Practical Cycles

1) " I suffer from back and neck pain when I cycle - I think my handlebars are too low and there's no room to adjust them higher".

2) " I want a more sit up and beg type riding position on my bike - it's a mountain bike but when I ride in traffic I want to have my head upright for sfety and to look cool"

3) "I want to fit a basket to the front of my mountain bike but there's not enough room for it at the front to clear the wheel or mudguards"

The Humpert Stem Raiser solves all these problems (and more)!

Simply remove your current a-head type handlebar stem and replace it with the Stem Raiser. Then refit your original handlebar stem onto the Stem raiser - hey presto - your handlebars have gained height and your bike is transformed!

> Diameter: 28.6mm (for 1 1/8 inch headsets/stems)
>Available in silver or black regular or XL
> Material: Al 6061
> Weight - approx 180 grammes

Raises your handlebar height by approximately 70mm (might not sound like alot but it makes the world of difference!)

NOTE: THE XL version raises your handlebar height by about 90mm and includes 5 spacers!

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