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Dia Compe DC806 Dual Pivot Deep Drop Brake Caliper 57-75mm

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£17.98 incl tax

Brilliant for those old frame restorations or for use with mudguards or sometimes for using 26" wheels in forks designed for 650b wheels.
There are many deep drop brakes on the market but scant few that have a traditional nut to secure the brake (all the others have bolts for recessed brake bolt holes - but you don;t get them on older frames!)
  • - Lightweight Forged alloy.
  • - Power reinforcement with dual-pivot device.
  • - Deep drop 57-75mm
  • - Available in Black or Silver
  • - Choose between Front or Rear.
  • - 210g per caliper
  • - Includes nylock nut (non-recessed)

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