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Selle Royal Drifter Sprung Saddle

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£32.99 incl tax

The Drifter is a superb saddle that we are very familiar with as it is used on many Dutch Bikes.

The width, large springs and sumptuous Royal Gel make for a saddle that is probably more comfortable than your sofa! Wide squidgy saddles like this are best suited to bikes where you have an upright seating position - such as a Dutch Bike, Town Bike, Pashley or Hybrid. When your body is upright on a bike (rather than stopped over on a racing bike) you exert more pressure on your backside - so more padding and springs can help the journey be more comfortable!

There are two sizes:


  • - Width - 250mm
  • - Length 280mm
  • - Weight - approx 1300grammes
  • - Width - 220mm
  • - Length - 250mm
  • - Weight - 1100grammes

COLOURS - Black or brown (large only) Please note, the brown saddle has a ribbed effect (see pic).

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