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Axa Defender RL Frame Lock (SILVER/BLACK)

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£27.98 incl tax

  • - A clever little lock that is good for immobilising bikes.
  • - Fixes permanently to the bike so you never have to remember to take it with you
  • - Key is always in the lock when unlocked so you can't forget it
  • - Works by engaging a bar through the spokes which prevents the wheel being turned.
  • - Commonly used in Holland and in Scandinavia.
  • - Compatible with the AXA Basta RLC100 chain lock (see below) which 'plugs in' to the side of the Defender lock
  • - Fits to seatstays near the brake bridge/calipers
  • - Comes with brackets to fit to frames with no bosses.

Video showing how to fit this lock.

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