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Dia Compe Brake/Gear Cable Frame Clip

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£3.98 incl tax

So you want to run gears or brakes or both to a bike without cable guides already welded on? You CAN do this using one or more of these clips.

Each clip simply slips over the tubing on the frame where you need to secure the cable and tightens with a small stainless steel nut and bolt.

The clip is designed to fit over cable that is housed in cable outer so you will need to run the cable outer the full length of the cable (which is better anyway).

We use these to fit sturmey hub gears and brakes to the Surly Steamroller (which does not have any cable guides!).

  • - Clips are sold in singles.
  • - Stainless steel
  • - Colour - silver or black (choose from menu)

Available in 3 sizes to fit three different diameters of frame tubing:

  • - 25.4mm
  • - 28.6mm
  • - 31.8mm

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