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Pair Insulated Cable Connectors for Bicycle Dynamo and Light Wires

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£2.50 incl tax

These are often called 'spades' and they allow you to connect wires from a light or dynamo to the terminals of another light or dynamo (both hub or bottle).

These spades are perfect for use with the double core wires of the Busch and Muller lights that we sell. They are also insulated (the red plastic collar you see in the picture) which means there can be no short circuits with these!

  • - Overall length  - 20mm
  • - Wire diameter 0.5-1.0mm
  • - Terminal width 2.8mm
  • - For best results - solder wire into the spade itself.
  • - Wires not included (can be bought in our ebay shop)
  • - Sold as a pair of identical spades - ie two!
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