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Sturmey Archer S2C Duomatic Coaster Brake Hub

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£79.99 incl tax

The ultimate in Practical and minimal gears and braking!

Another piece of engineering from the past being given a new lease of relevance in the modern world of cycling!

What's so good? The Duomatic Hub has two gears but the real magic is that there is no gear shifter needed or any cables! Simply change gear by momentarily 'kicking back' whilst pedalling. A high polish alloy hub shell completes the wizardry.

• Overall Range - 138%
• Gear 1 - 100% Direct Drive
• Gear 2 - 138% (+)38% (Gear 1 + 38%)


  • 32 or 36 hole
  • black or silver

116mm OLN with 160mm axle length

INCLUDES 22t sprocket

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