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Sturmey Archer SRK-3 Hub Gear (disk brake)

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£99.98 incl tax

At last a hub similar to the ubiquitous SRF-3 hub but with a sensible axle spacing more suited to mountian bike and hybrids.

The SRK-3 hub is compatible with disk brakes (but this doesn't mean to say you have to use them with disk brakes - it will still be fine with rim brakes!)

The over locknut dimension is 135mm meaning it is perfect for use on mountain bike frames - you can probably get away fitting this hub to a 130mm spaced road frame - provided it is steel and you are prepared to 'spread' the rear dropouts...

Comes with a 17t sprocket (1/2 x 1/8) and thumb shifter (for 22.2mm bar diameter) plus cables and fittings.

36 hole drilling.


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