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Park Tool UK1 Folding Utility Knife.

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£12.98 incl tax

Park Knife. No, not a song by Blur but the finest, folding, utility knife produced by Park Tools of the USA. Park Tools make the best cycle tools there are - you'll see them in all the best bicycle workshops.
These knifes are super high quality and just something you will want to have in your pannier bag, seat wedge or messenger bag for those times when, well, you need a sharp knife!
The knife accepts standard Stanley type blades. One double-ended stanley type blade is supplied with the knife. The beauty of this knife is that you do not need tools to change the blade (as you do with most Stanley type knives). Simply push the button on the main body of the knife and pull the blade out carefully. Reverse the process to replace the blade.
The knife has a locking mechanism to keep it open and prevent it folding when using the blade.
Stainless steel and rust-free.
A must for all cyclists and people who need high quality, safe knives in their lives.
Please note it's illegal to buy this knife if you are under 18
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