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Velo Orange Model 6 Leather Racing Saddle

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£84.98 incl tax

Better than Brooks? We couldn't possibly say but one thing is for sure these are well made beautiful looking leather saddles.

If you have a classic old bike or retro build these saddles will finish off the look perfectly. They are also really comfortable and Practical saddles that would be at home on any singlespeed or fixed gear bike.

The Model-6 is a narrow racing saddle made with the finest Australian cowhide. Like the Brooks Swallow, it is 285x150mm and has a fully trimmed apron. The frames are sturdy chrome plated steel with 80mm length rails that allow 30mm more adjustment than Brooks saddles. The nose adjustment bolt takes a regular Allen wrench.Hand hammered rivets complete the look. Weight is 540 grammes.

Available in three colours - BLACK, HONEY and BROWN (all with hand hammered rivets)

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