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Babboe Comfy Seat

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The Babboe Comfy child seat is ideal for the transition from toddler chair to the bench of a cargo bike. Often small children are not very stable in their sitting position. These seats are specially designed for them and are adapted to the dimensions of the Babboe Cargo Bike.

Two Babboe Comfy child seats fit perfectly side by side in the Babboe Big. Only one Babboe Comfy seat is compatible with the Babboe City and Babboe Curve due to the rounding of the box.

The Babboe Comfy seat is attached to the bench through a link that attaches under the bench. Then the three-point belt (already in-situ in your babboe) is used as usual as it is positioned on the seat. The seat remains perfectly in place.

The child seats are available in different colours:

- Red with white dots
- Silver Grey
- Stars


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