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Gaadi Double Ended Inner Tube

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Punctures - what a pain in the butt. If you'd rather change the tube rather than patch a tyre on the roadside or trail then you will know that it is tiresome having to remove the wheel to remove and refit a new inner tube. This is twice as bad if your bike has a hub gear or motor on the rear wheel. Sometimes the complex arrangement of bolts, washers cables and nuts can make removing a tube a 20 minute job. OK you could patch it but on a cold wet day that's not often easy or possible. But all this is about to change - forever!
The Gaadi double-ended tube is exactly like any other inner tube except that it is not circular - it's just one long rubber tube with two sealed ends. This means all you have to do is slip one side of your tyre off the rim, cut out the punctured tube and install the Gaddi tube WITHOUT needing to remove the wheel. You will be in your way again in just a couple of minutes!
We love this tube because we sell Cargo Bikes - the majority of which have hub gears and motors so not having to remove the wheel makes life so much easier.
The Gaadi tube is available in 20", 26" and 700c wheel sizes. The 26" and 700c sizes come in two widths and all tubes have the option of Presta or Schraeder valves.
The Gaadi tube is made by highly reputable tyre manufacturer Rubena so you know it is good.
Whatever type of bike you ride, you cannot afford to be without at least one of these in your panniers or jersey pocket next time you ride!

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