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Velosteel Singlespeed Coaster Brake Hub (threaded sprocket)

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£26.99 incl tax

Make in the Czech Republic, these are just about one of the only single speed coaster brake hubs in regular production!

These simple, great value hubs build into a simple, no-fuss wheel that will keep your bike with clean lines and uncluttered rear end, A coaster brake means no cables and a singlespeed means no derailleurs!

Build this up into a wheel for a minimal commuter hack or into a treasured, vintage steel frame for sunny cafe rides. 

  • - Coaster brake (back pedal to brake)
  • - 120mm OLN spacing (but with enough axle length to space this out for  130width dropouts (axle spacers available in our ebay shop)
  • - Axle length - 171mm
  • - Axle diameter - 10mm
  • - 28, 32, 36 or 40 spoke holes
  • - 2.8mm diameter spoke holes
  • - Accepts threaded sprockets (one is supplied)
  • - Includes sprocket, lockring, dust cap, track axle nuts, chainstay clip and bolt. Everything in the picture is included.
  • - Weight of hub and parts - 971grammes


- Choose your sprocket size 14-24t (no 23t)
- Choose your chainstay clip size 14/24mm or 17/27mm

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Hole drilling
Sprocket teeth count
Brake Arm Clip Size
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