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Bicycle Seatpost Security Device/Lock - Prevent theft of seatpost with q/r clamp

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£5.98 incl tax

This is a lightweight simple device that deters thieves from stealing seatposts from bikes with quick release seatpost clamps.
Your bike must have a set of bottle cage mounts on the seat tube of the frame for this device to be effective. Your seatpost must have access to the hollow inside for this to work. 
The expanding bung (rather like that found on a quill stem) fits into the inside of your seatpost - tighten the allen bolt and it is fixed. Then on the other end of the cable is a loop of wire which loops around the bottle cage bolt that is concealed inside the frame. Thus your seatpost can only be removed if the thief is clever enough (and most aren't) to remove the bottle cage bolt. You can make that even harder by  applying threadlock to it.
The device will fit most sizes of seatpost and frame.
Because of the cable inside the seat tube, your seatpost will still retain some height adjustability - handy if two people share a bike.
Lightweight - just 65 grammes!
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