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Humpert EP1 Ergonomic Flat Bicycle Pedals

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Wearing 'normal' or non cycling specific shoes is not always succesful, safe or comfortable. However with these pedals normal shoes, trainers and boot scan be worn thanks to the large surface area and cleverly designed sculpting. Here is what the German manufacturers Humpert say about this:

Improved pedalling performance.

With its large, ergonomically shaped surface the new Humpert EP-1 pedals hug the soles of your feet and ensure the optimum transmission of power.

In the case of conventional pedals the foot only comes into contact with specific points and is distorted in the longitudinal direction because of the short surface of the pedal. However, with its large contact surface the EP-1 gives full support to the sole of the foot. This also ensures that problems such as numbness or pains in the foot do not arise in the first place.

On the large, anatomically shaped, non-slip contact area the foot is able to find its ideal position, which if necessary can be individually adjusted for the left and right foot. The inner guide rails ensures perfect positioning and prevents any contact between the foot and the crank.

The use of a short axle reduces the Q factor (the distance between the two pedals). This means that the foot-knee-hip joint sequence is aligned correctly with the axle. As is the case with ergonomic handlebar grips you will notice the gain in efficiency and comfort immediate.

- 9/16" Thread
- Weight 350 grammes per pair

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