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Xtracycle RackLocks (pack of four)

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£51.98 incl tax

The rack securing devices formerly known as Whatchamacollars.

RackLocks offer increased rigidity, added safety for passengers, and weatherproofing for your FreeRadical frame

RackLocks do not work with Big Dummies - Surly chose a different tube spec for their uprights that is too large for RackLocks (you can find Surly Big Dummy Collars elsewhere in our shop)

This small contraption is used to lock down the V-Racks or Xtracycle Pannier Racks to the uprights of your FreeRadical, LEAP or Edgerunner. 1 pack helps lock a set of racks on while and keeps your racks secured extra tightly to prevent rattling on rough road adventures. RackLocks are also recommended when you ride your Xtracycle without a deck.

Racklocks are sold Four to a pack.

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