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Axa Echo Dynamo LED Bicycle Headlight 15 Lux - Standlight/Auto or Non Standlight

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£14.99 incl tax

These are brilliant quality headlights at a great price. You will find these being used daily on many bikes around Europe where it is the law to have lights on your bike at all times - so you know they are good!

There are two variants -

Type 1 - Has a Standlight (light stays lit for about 4 minutes when you stop) and automatically turns on when daylight fades
Type 2 - Does NOT have a standlihght and has a MANUAL on/off switch

Apart from these variants, both share the following features:

- 15 lux - bright enough for most unlit semi-fast riding
- Stainless steel fitting bracket - fits to the fork crown
- Wire included to fit it to a front dynamo
- Works with Hub or Bottle dynamos
- Steady Light
- Can be wired to 6v E-bike systems
- Terminal to wire this light to a rear light


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