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Velo Orange Porteur Front Carrier Rack - Polished Stainless Steel

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£144.98 incl tax

The VO Porteur Rack is a traditional-style rack as used on the famed Parisian newspaper delivery bikes. Those Parisian delivery bikes were reputed to carry as much as 110lbs. of newspapers on similar racks (of course, the bikes had strengthened frames and forks, not just racks).

- Made from strong stainless steel tubing and polished to a lovely shine.
- A real load-carrying rack, not an aluminum "style-rack".
- Total weight with rail, nuts, bolts, etc. is only 1.079kg.
- The platform is approx 36cm x 29cm
- Removable rail attachment is included and very handy for smaller packages.
- The tangs are pre-drilled to fit 700c, 27", 26", and 650b bikes.
- Four bosses for a light attachment.
- Boss for securing your mudguard to the rack -- no rattling!
- Pannier/tie-down/Bungee attachment loops above the mounting tangs.
- Mounting hardware is included.
- The Porteur Rack mounts to the dropout eyelet (check to see your bike has these near the axle nuts/q/r) and the brake bolt (or fork crown hole).

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