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Humpert AHS Hornbar Vario with Foam Grips

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£44.99 incl tax

Humpert AHS Hornbar Vario with Foam Grips

Trekking and touriing handlebars from the handlebar aces Humpert!

Each end of the handlebar is independently adjustable giving excellent adjustability for the perfect riding position.

'Butterfly' bars as this sort of bar are sometimes referredd to offer the long distance cyclist a multitude of hand positions which can help alleviate numbness on long journeys.

These come in four options of colour, width and rise

- Black - 600mm wide - 6cm rise
- Black - 580mm wide - 0cm rise
- Silver - 600mm wide - 6cm rise
- Silver - 580mm wide - 0cm rise

Central clamp diameter is 25.4mm

All bars are supplied with foam handlbar covering already fitted. Brake and gear levers are fitted by the removable cntral section so no need to remove the bar foam!


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