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ORP Smart Horn and Combined USB Rechargeable 70 Lumens Bicycle Headlight

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Orp is a combination dual tone, high decibel bike horn and front beacon light, all in a small, USB rechargeable, weather resistant package. It's designed to make you more visible and hearable.

Press Orp's Wail Tail up to warn pedestrians and fellow cyclists with the 76dB friendly sound. Press down for Orp's 96dB Loud sound for cars and traffic. In addition, Orp's LEDs fire every time the horn is actuated, so you can be seen and heard.

Each Orp comes complete with the Orp Power Kit (a micro USB/USB cable) and Qrp's Handle Bar Girth Enhancement Device (rubber shim) for thinner handlebars.


- Friendly sound: 76dB Loud sound: 96dB
- LED output: 2 lights @ 70 lumens each (boost to 87 lumens), 120º cone.
- Battery Life: 3 hours with lights in Constant-On mode, 11 hours in Slow Strobe.
- ORP weight: 89 g (3.17 oz).

Available in Black or White (choose from menu)

Check out the sounds here: http://www.orpland.com/orp/

An optional remote lever (The Remorp) is also available meaning horn actuation is always under-thumb on any handlebar setup. No need to lift a hand, and horn actuation is that much faster.

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