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Christophe Leather Pedal Toe Straps 370mm long - PAIR

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£6.00 incl tax

I can still remember when I could afford to own a set of Christophe toe straps after the rubbish plastic ones that I put up with for so long. I remember fitting them and feeling like I was Sean Kelly (minus the Palmares)!

They are still in production to this day and whilst the clipless pedal dominates the toe clip is still favoured by many (Sean Kelly used them well into the '90s). They are also essential if you are building a retro bike or restoring a period classic.

- Made in France
- Length per strap - 370mm
- Real leather
- Metal buckle
- Silver embossed Christophe branding
- All colours sold in pairs

6 colours to choose from:

- Black
- White
- Red
- Dark brown
- Blue

(In case you are wondering who Sean Kelly is, he's that Irish bloke on Eurosport cycling commentry that you can't understand)

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