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Steco Universal Adapter - Yepp Easyfix Bobike Child Rack Mount Seats Xtracycle Big Dummy

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Now that Yepp have released the new version (mkIII) of the Easyfix bracket onto the market users of the Surly Big Dummy and Xtracycle system will find that the new brackets are no longer compatible with the Flightdeck or Surly Big Dummy Deck. Damn! This was a serious problem as it precluded the fitting of seats such as the Yepp Maxi and other rack mount (clamp on) rear child seats). With the MK11 version now very hard to find, thank goodness that the Steco Universal adapter is around because this allows you to fit a variety of child seats to your Surly Big Dummy and any Xtracycle Flightdeck either on a Freeradical or Edgerunner. It will also allow you to fit the seats easily to the decks of other Cargo BIkes such as the Kona Ute and Minute and Yuba Mundo/Boda Boda (provided you have decks fitted).

The Universal bracket can also, of course, be used with 'regular' bikes that have a rear pannier rack fitted. Bobike Classic Maxi Seats normally fit on a seperate bracket that you bolt to the bike but this adapter allows you to fit it to the rack which can be helpful with difficult installations and also help with clearance issues. Polisport, Yepp and Qibbel seats can also be fitted with this Adapter.

All in all it is a wonderful bracket that can solve many problems in your life!

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