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Busch & Muller E-Werk - AC (with integrated cache battery)

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Busch & Muller have designed the USB-WERK with an integrated cache battery. It supplies 5V and up to 1A current. The battery ensures a constant voltage supply during slow riding and/or stops. For this reason the USB-Werk is a perfect fit for charging/powering USB devices such as mobile phones, GPS, MP3 player. The unit is supplied with cable and USB socket.

The USB-WERK is connected to the hub dynamo and provides 5 V voltage and up to 500 mA of current. A small integrated buffer battery ensures that even at low speeds and short stops the supply voltage remains constant at 5V. The USB-WERK is thus ideally suited for charging and operation of all kinds of USB devices mobile phones, GPS, MP3 players, etc. Includes output cable with USB connector.
Notes about charging with the USB E-WERK:

To fully charge the backup battery that supplies the charging current, you need about 20 minutes at a speed above 17 km /h without a USB device connected and with switched off lights. Then the USB-WERK will be prepared for optimal operation and charging of USB devices.

It is not comparable with a normal mains charger for mobile devices, it supplies devices with power. In current applications, this may suffice for charging at high current loads sometimes it is only enough to slow down the discharge of battery life. The higher your speed, the more charging current is potentially available. At slow speeds, the buffer battery in charging mode cannot recharge because only limited energy is available to the dynamo (about 3 W at a speed of 15 km / h). Some mobile phones however, use up to 5 W. This means that the cache battery needs to be charged first. Once a certain state of charge is reached, the output will switch to the USB port. If the device empties its' battery the power supply to the USB output is switched off at its minimum charge level, and only the buffer battery is recharged. Thus there are breaks in charging, which some USB devices indicate with the 'start of charging noise'.


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