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Gebla Rohbox - Use brifters and regular shifters to control Rohloff Speedhub

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The phrase Holy Grail is used a lot to describe things that, in the scheme of things, isn't really that earth shattering. However, we beleive that this product is deserved of being described as a Holy Grail find!

In our opinion, the Rohloff Speedhub is a great hub but sometimes the standard Rohloff shifter felt a little like an afterthought and gives you very limited options if you want to use your Rohloff on a Road bike or if you have problems with petit hands or weak grip. So, when news of the Gebla Rohbox arrrived, we danced a merry jig!

The Gebla Rohbox replaces the standard external Rohloff Cable Box. There's some magic wizardry contained within the Rohbox which allows you to then use combined brake/ gearshifters - (brifters) or trigger type shifters commonly found on MTBS.

We must point out that you will need to make some modifications to the shifters that you use and not all shifters will work (SRAM 22 speed ones seem to be the popular choice). The modifications involve removing a clip, spring and other small part from inside your shifters. The nice folk at Gebla have produced a very easy to follow English guide on how to do this - you can see it here - http://www.rohbox.de/RohboxTechnik/ModBremsschalthebel.html

Once you have done that you can use the shifters to shift up and down through the gears of your Rohloff Speedhub!

Please note - this sale is for the Gebla Rohbox only - it does not include any shfters or cables.

Fitting instructions are included.

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