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Surly "Steel" Round Sew-on Embroidered Bicycle Patch

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£5.98 incl tax

Patches were once very popular amongst cyclists - especially the touring and randonneuring type. For a while their popularity had waned but the humble cycle patch is enjoying a revival! We believe that patches are the future and we are not talking about the stinky rubber ones you glue on inner tubes!

Patches are there to stitch onto your panniers, bar bags, clothing or even a treasured cycling cap. They show other cyclists who you are, what you stand for and where your two wheels have travelled before. These patches from Surly are beautifully made with top-quality embroidering. Go on - show your alleigance to steel!

The Surly Steel patch should be stitched on by hand. These are best applied to cotton fabric. Don't stitch them onto synthetic waterproof bags like Ortlieb for example - that would be stupid.

Size - 50mm diameter

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