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OXFORD - Bicycle Handlebar Mount Plastic Map Holder

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£9.49 incl tax

We've tried many map holders over the years for touring. Manufacturers want to sell you a special attachement system and make a simple thing unnecessarily over-complicated.

This is what drew us to the Oxford Map holder. It is just so simple and means there are very few issues of compatability and fit on most types of bike.

The map holder fits to the handlebars with two velcro straps (really, really secure!)

The map (or any other document) simply slides in via the zipped full-width opening. The zip is covered by a plastic flap to prevent rain entering.

The edges of the see-thru plastic are stitched and covered with piping.

The map holder can be fitted to the bars either folded open or in half.

The map holder is large enough to display two sections of an Ordnance Survey Map

Dimensions - 28cm x 28cm

We have been using ours for a few tours now and it remains in good working order. However, we do not beleive that it will last forever. We are honest about things and we reckon that you will get a good couple of years  use out of this. Ultimateley the plastic (especially if you fold the holder a great deal) will crack. However, given the low price compared to most other options of map holder, we think this map holder offers really good value for money! we thiknk you won't be disappointed!

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