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We prefer to be polite when approaching other road/path users - letting their senses and a slowing in our pace do the work rather than dinging or tooting - we think that is a little too much Mr Toad - "get out of my way".

However, there are times when you simply need to be heard on your bike - especially above the noise of traffic. There are those moments when only a loud noise will do to avoid an accident or incident.  For those moments there is the Hornit DB140 bicycle horn! (there are also moments when a sonic "middle fnger" might be called for but we don't promote that!)

The Hornit db140 is called that becasue it emits a loud 140 decibel squeal that will get the attention of most people - including motorists cocooned in their steel boxes. At 140dB it's equivalent to a jet engine and 4 x louder than the competition. Now cyclists can actively alert lorries, buses, cars and pedestrians to their presence (rather than hoping to be seen) which makes cycling safer. There's also a second mode with a softer more 'polite' sound.

- Piercing 140 decibel sound
- 2 modes, including quieter 'Car Horn' mode
- Versatile design fits ALL styles of bike and bars
- Improved Rubber trigger stretches round ALL handlebars
- Thumb rests comfortably on trigger
- Safe and easy to operate, even when braking
- Easy to install, low profile mount
- IP44 (splash proof)
- 2xAAA batteries included
- Only 96g (inc batteries)

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