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Vittoria Trouser Belt made from Recycled Corsa CX Bicycle Tyre Inc Zip Bottle!

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£23.98 incl tax

This is a great (and Practical) belt for the Cyclist who has everything. A belt made from recyled Vittoria tyre (the tyres are rejects from factory quality check so have not been ridden on).

The rubber tyre is set on a leather back making this a high quality belt that you can wear to show your cycling devotion 'dahn tha pab'!

The buckle is laser engraved with the Vittoria brand.

There are two colours of belt - black/antracite or black/white - choose from the menu

What makes the belt even more exciting is that it comes in a presentation case which can be used to carry tools, phone, tubes etc on your bike as it is designed to fit in the bottle cage of your bike.

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