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Zefal Lapize Vintage Retro-Style Bicycle Pump Steel Chrome - PRESTA or SCHRAEDER

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Ahh, lovely - just like pumps used to be until they had to be designed by NASA. This is a basic but very effective pump suitable for Presta or Schraeder valves (or others if you use a separate adaptor). A hose adaptor is included (choose type from the menu).

The Lapize is a traditional pump, designed with a robust steel barrel and aluminium handle (black) and comes supplied with a flexible connector.

Flexible Connection: Allows inflation from further away and prevents damage to the valve stem. ZÉFAL Know-How: Experience since 1880.

The pump will fit to frames that have pegs already in-situ. Alternatively, stuff it in your panniers or saddle bag!

- Barrel: Chromed steel
- Connection: Flexible Presta or Schraeder
- Pressure: 8 bar / 116 psi
- Length: 375mm / 14.8’’
- Handle: Aluminium
- Mounting: Peg fit
- Weight: 150g

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