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Zefal "Spy Mirror" Bicycle Rear View Mirror - Fits to Bars, Frame, Forks

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£8.99 incl tax

Mirrors - we think they are an essential aid for riding a bicycle today. They are no substitute for road sense but they can come in very handy when you need to know what is behind but also keep your head forwards.

Fitting mirrors is not always easy - the place where they would work best on your frame is often the place where it's not possible to fit the mirror you have. Some mirrors are also a bit 'sticky-outy' and can cause more problems than they solve.

Enter the Zefal Spy Mirror! It's compact, very lightweight and, most importantly of all, will fit to a variety of locations on your bike without the need for tools being used!

The Spy mirror swivels and pivots and can be mounted in various locations on your bike. The rubber strap attaches to tube diameters from 22 to 60mm. Ideal for virtually any type of bike!

- Material: Unbreakable chrome plated plastic
- Fixation: Snap-on mounting with rubber strap
- Mirror: Convex
- Size of Mirror: 15cm sq
- Handlebar Dia: 22mm to 60mm
- Weight: 25g


We say buy more than one for the ultimate in rear view surveillance!

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