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Traditional Bicycle Pump Extension Hose - Presta/Schraeder Adaptor Fabric Outer

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If there is one single bicycle related part that can instantly remind me of riding a bike at an early age it is one of these. Before fancy mini pumps and direct fit pump heads came along - you needed one of these to fit the pump to your tube valve.

In our opinion, these are much more practical and convenient when inflating tyres as they allow you to rest the wheel or bike on something whilst you retain a strong two-handed grip on the pump. The give in the hose also means that less pressure is put on the valve and there is therefore less risk of damaging the valve or causing a tube tear.

But enough of reminiscing! It's just a pump adaptor after all!

- Suitable for Presta and Schraeder valves
- Traditional woven outer sleeve
- Fits pump heads that have a threaded output hole
- Brass end parts

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