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Bicycle Rack Back rest for Passengers/ Child Riding on Rear Bike Rack

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£10.99 incl tax

The Dutch (and many Scandinavian countries) are very adept at carrying passengers young and old on the rear rack of their bicycle.

When carrying children in this way it is always best to have a back rest that prevents them sliding backwards off the rack.

This back rest fits directly to the rear rack using the supplied pack of nuts and bolts.

The diameter of the saddle rails this will fit is about 14-18mm. If the back rest is too loose - do not use it.

Painted black steel.

Some notes about UK safety/legality.

If you are using this backrest we recommend you use it in conjunction with all of these:

  • - Footrests
  • - Wheelguards (to protect limbs, toes, fingers and clothing from getting stuck in the spokes)
  • - Cushion - it's not very comfy sitting directly on a rack for long!

None of these are included with the backrest but we do sell footrests and cushions

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