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Passport Lug-Kage - Bikepacking Fork Mount Luggage Carrier - Adventure Bike

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£21.98 incl tax

The Passport Lug-Cage is a lightweight variation on a front fork carrier.

It allows you to “Lug” such extra items as: a sleeping bag, an Airbed, a large tarpaulin roll, or a Thermos flask etc. on your expedition tourer.

Includes 2 adjustable Velcro straps.

Usage notes:

Designed to fit forks with the dedicated 3 bolt mounting lugs included only (as on many Surly forks)

3Kg weight limit per cage.

Best used in pairs

Caution: Do not feed the straps in such a way that they will pull the alloy arms of the cage together.

(The arms are not designed to flex by any significant amount).

Available in silver or black.

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