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De Poort Genuine Dutch Heavy Duty Newspaper Bicycle Panniers - 80 litre capacity

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Wow! These are just the best bicycle panniers ever!

These are genuine Dutch rear newspaper panniers made from bombproof thick tarpaulin with a tough plywood (yes plywood) backing board for strength and support.

These are best suited to cargo bikes and REAL Dutch bikes - ie bikes that have longer rear chainstays and a rear pannier rack. They are too big for most normal bikes - eg hybrid, MTB or road bike. As for folding bikes - you could fit one in each side! If you try fitting them to these sorts of bike your heels will most likely strike the bags each time you pedal - that is unsafe!

- Capacity - 80 litres per pair
- Made in Holland
- Dimensions - length 48cm, height 30cm, width 28cm
- Weight per pair - 3kg approx.
- Reflective strip on each flap
- Each flap is weighted down with a metal bar that is sewn into the hem of the flap.
- Two tough straps included to affix the panniers onto your rack (no complicated mounting system!)
- Panniers can be folded and strapped flat against the bike when not in use

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