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Selle Royal "Rok" Saddle - V. Comfy Saddle Ideal for Upright Dutch Bikes

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This saddle may look a little strange but it is indeed one of the most comfy saddles we have tried. It has to be fitted to the right sort of bike though - this is not a racing or mountain bike saddle - this is for bikes with a relaxed, sit-up-and-beg ride position like you would find on a Dutch bike or Hybrid.

The theory behind the radical appearance is that when you ride an upright bike all your weight is distributed through your backside with very little weight transferred via the handlebars. Therefore there is little need for a 'nose' on the saddle but a greater need for the part in contact with you backside to have really good padding and comfort since it is bearing nearly all of the weight.

The saddle fits in the same way "normal" saddles do. If you have a micro adjust seatpost this will fit directly to it. If you have a straight seatpost then you will need to buy a saddle clamp (if you don;t already have one) to fit this saddle to it. You can buy them in our ebay shop - search for "saddle clamp" in our shop.

- Foam Matrix
- Steel saddle rails and springs
- Royal Gel top layer - super comfortable and moulds to your shape
- Width - 22cm
- Length - 14cm

The manufacturer states this is for women but we think it is just as suitable for men.

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