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Hooodie Waterproof Dutch Bicycle Poncho

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If you ride your bike as a mode of transport rather than for sport, chances are that you ride in your 'normal' clothes and therefore don't want to arrive at your destination/s dressed head to toe in Goretex or the like.  A bike poncho is great for keeping the worst of the weather off both you and your bike. In a pncho  you don't get wet inside from your own sweat because the bottom of the poncho is open and therfore there is excellent airflow. Think of a pncho like a giant umbrella but instead of the complicated metal spokes you have in an umbrella you, your arms and shoulders are the support.

This poncho from Hooodie is carefully designed - here are the important features:

- One size fits all (max height is 6' 4" - above that it may be a bit tooo small).
- Hand loops (helps keep the poncho from billowing in the wind
- Large see-thru front area so that your headlight can still shine through
- Made from waterproof PVC
- Hood
- Snap closures on neck for snug water-tight fit
- Complete with its own carry pouch

We do not recommend using this poncho with bikes that have low front bars - eg most road bikes, some Touring bikes, BMX, some MTBs etc. Dutch bikes, Hybrids, sit up and begs etc are the sort of bike that this poncho suits.

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