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De Poort Eco Dutch Tarpaulin Bicycle Panniers (PAIR) 44l

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DePoort make these lovely bicycle panniers in Holland using tough tarpaulin type fabric. The fabric is waterproof.  If you take a bike ride in Holland you will see literally thousands of bikes using these very panniers. They are one of the most popular panniers in Holland.

The panniers are very simple - don't expect technical features - these are everyday panniers that you would use about town for shopping and errands. Are they for touring - no. Are they for shopping, trips to the baker, quick visits to the post office to pick up parcles - yes. These are utility cycling personified.

The panniers fit to most rear pannier racks - no fancy click and go mechanism with these - just sling them over the rack and secure them with the two top buckles and straps.

Each flap is secured with a couple of plastic click buckles and adjustable length straps. There is also an inner strap which prevents the bag from sagging when loaded with stuff. In the bootom there is a drainage hole in case water gets in. There are flaplets on the end of the main cover flap which help keep rain and spray out.  There are anti-sway straps on each bag which fasten to the lower part of your pannier rack - these stop the bags swinging outwards when cornering.

Various colours are available - we dare you to be as bright as possible!

We also have other sizes of De Poort pannier bags in our ebay shop - search "de poort"

CAPACITY - 44l per pair
DIMENSIONS - L: 38,5 cm H: 33,5 cm W:17 cm

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