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Humpert Ergotec Alloy Threaded to Ahead Stem Convertor 22.2 or 25.4mm

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This simple, good quality component is very handy! It allows bikes with a threaded fork steerer to accept an Ahead type stem.

The shaft of the adaptor fits into the threaded fork steerer tube of your bike and replaces the quil type stem that would normally be insitu. Once secured with the top nut you can then install your own Ahead type stem on the top part of the adaptor.

The adaptor is supplied with two shims. One shim allows you to fit the lower shaft to 25.4mm threaded steerer tubes. If you have a 22.2mm threaded steerer tube then you do not use the shim.

For the Ahead stem part of the adaptor there is another shim. If your ahead stem is 25.4mm then you would not use the shim supplied but if your Ahead stem is 22.2mm then you would use the supplied shim.

A plastic bung is supplied to keep water out of the top of the adaptor.

- Overall length 145mm
- Min insert mark - 85mm from bottom
- Min Insert mark to top - 60mm
- If fully inserted into your fork steerer tube this addas about 40mm of extra height (ie enough to fit the Ahead stem onto)
- Ahead stem is not supplie with this.
- Made from alu alloy
- Colour - silver
- Weigt (including shims) 180g

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