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De Poort Bicycle Rack Elastic Luggage Straps - Q/R fit axle ends

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Visit Holland (and other proper European countries) and you will find these sort of straps on just about most bicycles.

They are absolutely essential for those who run small errands with their bicycle and want to secure things like bags of shopping, newspapers, baguettes, sloths and breeze blocks to your pannier rack. You see if you strap it to your rack, you don't need a bag!

Also very handy for touring cyclists who like to add things to their load along the way!

These superior elastic straps fit over the ends of your axle but have a quick release mechanism for ease of use. The elastic is then stretched over your rear pannier rack.

- Length - 65cm or 76cm(xl)
- Made of elastic (3 strips)
- End attachments - galvanized steel/plastic
- Hole for axle - approx 12mm

You really should leave home without them!

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