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Ursus "Hopper" Twin Steel Leg Bicycle Kickstand - for 26 inch or 700c Bike

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Ursus make a great range of no-nonsense kickstands for bicycles. The Hopper is perfect for bikes that you wish to carry children and or heavy loads on thanks to the wide stance it offers. A wide stance means greater stability when your bicycle is parked. Of course, when using the stand with children, you should never leave the bike unattended and parked on the stand whist a child is on board - always keep one hand on the bike until your child is completely off the bike.

There are two sizes of this stand dependent upon which size rear wheel your bike has. The 26" will suit most bikes with 26" wheels whilst the other model will suit most 700c, 27", 28" and '29er' wheeled bikes.

You will need a kickstand plate (welded as part of your frame) on your bike to fit this stand. This is found behind the bottom bracket (if you have one).

> Made in Italy
> Mainly constructed of steel
> Colour - black
> Weight - 1180 grammes (larger size)
> Maximum recommended load - 30kg (both sizes)

26" version

> Stance width when parked - 43cm
> Ground to fitting plate height whhen parked - 32cm

700c-29" version

> Stance width when parked - 46.5cm
> Ground to fitting plate height whhen parked - 32cm

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